Volta Street Football • FAQ's

Q. What is Volta Street Football 2022?


A. Volta Street Football is a series of events held in cities around the world. Currently, we are looking at cities for 2022 to include New York City, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Porto, Istanbul, Dubai, Los Angeles, Medellin, Santo Domingo, and Mexico City. Check back frequently for more Volta Street Football updates.


Q. How are Volta Street Football competitions set up?  


A. Volta Street Football is set up by age groups and by team size.  Each age group has three team size categories:  3-on-3 no goalkeeper. 4-on-4 with 1 as the goalkeeper. 5-on-5 with 1 as the goalkeeper. 


Q. Is Volta Street Football competitive?


A.  Absolutely, but we value and promote fairplay on and off the playing pitch. Teams compete by age group and team size. Teams compete on local levels and more onto later competition rounds played at the international level. At the end of the season, a champion in each category is crowed.